Type 22 Frigate
Scottish Prod Saloon Champion 1978
Sutton Voe Oil Terminal
Scottish Historic Champion 95/96/97/99


ACORN is Duncan McLaren

And stands for Architectural, Cars, Oil, Railways and Nautical models. I started in 1969, serving my time as a ships model maker, under one of the old school. If not Square, made of Brass or Wood it's not Good!

During the early 70s we also moved into Architectural work and building oil rigs, culminating in building an 18 foot high model of Conch's Hutton tension leg platform, which was the centrepiece of the British pavilion at the Knoxville World Fair.

In the mid 70s I began repairing glass fibre body work on racing cars in my spare time, after all it was not a big jump from a 12 Foot Frigate hull ! This led to working on racing cars at evening and weekends.

I setup Acorn in 84 and asked a friend if I could measure up his B16 Chevron to m are a 1/16th scale model to use as a sample of my work. He agreed on the condition I made 2, so he could buy one. His partner in the car bought mine, then a third was built and later it went to the previous owner! And so it went on for poverty thirty years and over fifty models later, I still do not have my own B16.

Some years ago while running a Cooper Formula Junior for Allan McGregor at Bruno to qualify for the Monaco Historic I met Rick and Rob Hall. This led to fifteen years of phone calls few times a year! WHAT WERE YOU DOING NEXT WEEK?? And off we went to the Mille Miglia, Nurburgring, Spa or Goodwood etc. It worked well, I meet new customers and Rick gets another pair of hands, I even ended up delivering a model to one of my customers while running a full 250F and P261 05 with Rick at Philip Island and the Australian GP.

Till a few years ago all my models were 1/16th scale, then I was asked to make an F1 Wolf in 1/8th scale, the means more detail. Press the throttle pedal and the cable works the slides in the fuel injection, the suspension is fully adjustable with working rose joints and on and on.

Now your imagination is the only limitation to the detail.

Conoco Hutton TLP
Scottish Historic Champion 92
UIE Palace
Australian GP 2003